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Welcome To My Darkness

To Live Simply Is Most Complicated

23 January
And you open up the can of magical monkey instant mix, and you were all like oh my god! how the hell did I get to the turbador anyway like anyway style if the first place, and they were all listening to black sabbath, just sittin' there listening to black sabbath...
god thouse were the days...

Suffice to say these are the most important people to me who have changed and enriched my life in the past or are continuing to do so:

Gillian (Eternally Fabulous with the voice of an angel)
Jeffrey (My best friend throughout school, always there through thick and thin)
Jo (My kinky baby)
John McL and my games group: Andy, Brian, Donald, Tony
(Good to have stable sessions at last: Roll Dice and Kick Ass!!)
Jonathan (My brother: in blood, in spirit, in faith, in music, in arms)
Miller (Always by the phone)
My family (Love me no matter how much of a weirdo I am)
Nicola (I owe my confidence to you)
Steve (State Of Mind)
Suzy (My best friend, always wanting the best for me, always there for me)
The Wednesday Night New Flesh Crew: Blitzer, Ellen, Fiona, Jamie, Kerry, Kim
(I always enjoyed the time we spent rocking at Furys on a wednesday night)
The Victoria Halls Crew: John, Tristen and Heather, Leech, Liam, Mal, Michael
(God that year would have been dull without you)
Vari (Scarred and beautiful, My soul sister)

If I forgot you you'll be here before long