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01/01/07 - If you want to be a hero create something, don't destroy… - Welcome To My Darkness
March 18th, 2007
02:09 pm


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- If you want to be a hero create something, don't destroy yourself!

- Has your life been so unkind to you? Has the dark taken a shine to you?

This is tender and easily broken, please handle with care

Can't you ever lend a hand? Don't you even care? How could you ever understand! You weren't even there!

Looking back upon my life, I wasn't sane a single day.

Such is life and life is such that sometimes life can get too much


My emotions are like silver waves glistening on the surface of the ocean on a misty winters morning. I can feel them, moving, changing, eveolving, but the haze obscures their true nature. I don't know what I want, but I do know that my greatest aspiration is to love my friends and those around me truly, and unconditionallyleaving to place left in my soul for biterness or resentment.

I Need A Hero @ Nice And Sleazys

The teacher will come when the student is ready to learn.

Amy - From the book of names by The Times, apparently Antonys r 50% more likely to play golf than most others, 60% more likely 2 b self employed and r most likely 2 drive a ford fiesta, accordin to a '05 study by churchill insurance =D also apparently ur name comes from the latin meaning "praiseworthy" ha ha ha, bet ur happy wit that derivative =P

so what is it that keeps you sinking instead of swimming ?

is it the thought that if you try to swin and you drown that will be another thing you've failed at... but you know, if you sink and drown you can think, "Well I never really tried to swim anyway so it doesn't really count..."

I dunno I think people play too much to avoid losing instead of playing to win, myself included, if you play to win you might lose but you might win. If you play to avoid losing you might not lose but you'll never win either.

You seem odd in a nice way, I find that nice... in an odd way... :)

Best wishes,


I should have fought for you instead of fighting you

and how I fought you instead of fighting for you

A world of too many songs that remind me of u.

Second in your heart

she's a tear that lies in my soul forever - too young to hold on, too old to just break free and run

this cannot be expressed in words, however, you know exactly what this means

i will go the extra mile for u

Lets perpetuate this illusion, shall we?

3rd Gig at the Vale

Audition at strathclyde

Sometimes we must uproot something to let something more beautiful grow in its place.

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