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The Execution - Welcome To My Darkness
December 30th, 2006
04:43 pm


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The Execution
Cold. Blooded. Murder.
Thats what the death sentence is.

What does the law say? thou shalt not kill!
How does it say it? By killing!

The hypocrisy is rediculous.
650, 000 Iraqis died as a consequence of this war since 2003.
Who is getting tried for that?

In the 80s it was absolutely fine for Saddam to use chemical weapons supplied by the USA, and arranged by Donald Rumsfeld, to kill an untold number of Iranians.
When will Rumsfeld be tried for that??

This is some mo' bullshit.

There will always be those that say "he deserves it!"
I think this outlook is problematic.

For whatever reason Saddam felt justified in killing. So do some feel justified in killing Saddam.
Where do you draw the line? Whats the difference? When is killing justified and when is it not?

No. I don't believe it's possible to say "he deserves it but he doesn't"
I think killing is wrong, especially in cold blood - which is what an execution is.

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